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This is the Cookie Policy of, a non-periodic information site on the advantages and benefits of products and productions with low social and environmental impact.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that sends you; stored on the hard disk of your computer, tablet or smartphone, are collected through your browser and allow to recognize only those readers who want to return to read its pages.

Cookies do various different things.
Some are necessary to be able to browse on, others have different purposes: for example, they serve to guarantee internal security, to administer the system that allows you to publish content and, lastly, to perform statistical analysis.
Cookies that track the behavior of readers on the pages allow us to understand which sections of MadeinGaia are of interest to you most and to offer you a personalized visit. uses only technical cookies, first and third parties.

What are technical cookies?

Technical cookies are those used only to transmit a communication over an electronic communication network, or, to the extent strictly necessary for the service provider explicitly requested by the subscriber or user of the information society, to provide this service. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website owner or manager through the cms software to publish the pages.


technical cookies of can be divided into:

browsing or session cookies
that guarantee the normal navigation and, possibly, the use of the website (allowing, in the case of to authenticate itself, if it wishes to access restricted areas);


functionality cookies
that allow the user to browse according to a set of selected criteria (for example, in the case of Made in Gaia, to choose the language) in order to improve the experience of using web pages.


analytics cookies

are cookies similar to technical cookies that are used directly by to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site; specifically, Made in Gaia imposed all possible limitations on your Google Analytics account.

For this reason, disabling these cookies may limit the possibility of using and preventing you from taking full advantage of the features and services present on To decide which to accept and which to refuse, the following is a description of the cookies used on


The technical cookies used by are first or third party.


What is a first-party cookie?


First party cookies (ie cookies that belong to the site that created them) are those set by the website visited by the user, whose address appears in the URL window.

The use of these cookies allows you to make work efficiently and to track visitors' favorite pages.


What is a third-party or third-party cookie?

Third-party or third-party cookies are those set by a different domain than If a user interacts with a site other than through Made in Gaia, and a legal entity other than the manager of sends its information to that user, it is in the presence of third-party cookies.


Other classifications of cookies are also possible, which however can be included in the technical cookie type:


Session cookies:

So-called "session cookies" are temporarily stored and are deleted when the user closes the browser.

If you register at, you may use cookies that collect personal data in order to identify you on subsequent visits and to facilitate access - login to (for example by keeping your username and password user) and browsing on the same.

Furthermore, uses cookies for system administration purposes. may contain links to other sites. has no access or control over cookies, web bacon and other tracking technologies used on third party sites which the user can access starting from, on availability, on any content and material that is published or obtained through these sites and the related methods of processing personal data; in this regard, given the amount of such third party sites, expressly disclaims any related liability. The user should check the privacy policy of third party sites that are accessed from the Site to know the conditions applicable to the processing of personal data since the Privacy Policy of is valid only for this last site


Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies are stored on users' devices between browser sessions, allowing users to remember preferences or actions on a site. They can be used for different purposes, for example to remember preferences and choices when using


Essential cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the Site. Without the use of such cookies some parts of the Site would not work. They include, for example, cookies that allow access to protected areas of the Site. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be deactivated.


Functional cookies:

These cookies are used to recognize a user who returns to visit the Site. They allow you to customize the contents and remember your preferences (for example, the selected language or the region). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All information collected is anonymous.


Sharing Cookies on Social Networks:

These cookies facilitate the sharing of site content through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To view the respective privacy and cookie policies, you can visit the websites of social networks. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, the user can visit and


Cookies on Made in Gaia:, Google Analytics and third parties.


Technical cookies of Made in Gaia

Specifically, here is the list of the main types of first-party technical cookies used by, including the related descriptions, functionality and time duration.

1. For navigation purposes: these are used to retrieve the user's settings (save the user's session and remember some settings such as accessibility settings)

Duration: persistent cookie

2. For functional purposes: they are used to memorize the user's location and remember the language settings (anonymously)

3. For functional purposes: they are used to customize the content of the page depending on the device used by the user, his choices and settings (anonymously)


Technical cookies of Google Analytics uses Google Analytics cookies to understand how the site is used.

Users' privacy is protected through the anonymisation of IP (Google Analytics makes the IP address of the user / visitor anonymous as soon as technically possible, or in the passage further upstream of the network where data is collected). then read and accepted the Data Processing Amendment (Google Analytics Data Processing Amendment) that Google Analytics makes available in compliance with Directive 95/46 / EC. In particular, with this amendment, “Google guarantees that it will treat the personal data recorded through the service only within the limits of the instructions given by the site manager and not to share them with other Google services, unless this has been explicitly requested and authorized by the owner of the site itself ".

Basically, in your Google Analytics account does not have active advertising and data sharing options with Google and Google Analytics and no additional service: therefore, the treatment is carried out for mere statistical purposes and therefore, as expected the Privacy Guarantor, Analytics cookies are technical cookies that are installed without the user's specific prior consent.

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics is Google's analysis tool that helps website and app owners to understand how visitors interact with the content they own. This service could use a set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on the use of websites without providing personal information about individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is "__ga".

In addition to generating statistics on the use of websites, Google Analytics, together with some advertising cookies described above, allows you to show more relevant ads in Google properties (as in Google Search) and throughout the Web.

Read more information on Analytics cookies and privacy.


Cookies of other companies (technical uses only)

Made in Gaia integrates, within its pages, link services to third parties that could set and use their own cookies and / or similar technologies.

The privacy policies of these companies regulate the use of these cookies and similar technologies by these companies. Since is totally unrelated to the management of these cookies and the consequent processing of data, it is not possible to inform in detail with this information.

Here is a list of some of the companies that may use cookies while you browse on Made in Gaia:


Google Analytics (information)

Google+ (information)

Facebook (information)

Twitter (information)

Linkedin (information)

YouTube (information)


For more information on cookies and to manage cookie preferences (first and / or third party) we also invite you to visit the platform. However, please note that disabling navigation or functional cookies can cause the Website to malfunction and / or limit the service offered by

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